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Farewell to loneliness


On Senior Apartments housing estate you are a member of society, where everyone feels needed and no one feels lonely. Here everyone has got a role to be played and may use his/her priceless life experience.

We believe that natural limitation arising from the age or health should not close/lock seniors in four walls and sentence them for dullness and sameness. Being retired is a great moment to use life again! We put lots of attention to make social life in Senior Apartments blooming and we encourage residents to make interesting relations with neighbours. Our team plays a crucial role in it, particularly a personal assistant of our residents, who knows each of them , their hobbies, dreams. Thanks to this, we may spur every resident on creative involvement in life of their estate.



Be active, if you fancy


Do you wonder how to spend a day interestingly? Just look at the Senior Apartments Calendar- it is filled up with the ideas for activities, events, going out, trips, lectures, common meetings and celebrations. It does not matter if you want to wake up early in the morning or on the contrary- we can always find something interesting to be done but You make a decision. Maybe you fancy doing laughing yoga, Nordic walking in a nearby woo, or grilling with neighbours, going to the cinema or just participate in a lecture at the Third Age University?

With our activity plan you may discover new passions, exercise your brain, make new relations and thus have a great live.