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Medical care

Senior apartments housing estate is a safe and friendly environment where elderly people may continue their valuable lives regardless of the temporary or permanent care they need. In contrast to a nursing home, which requires a lot of sacrifices in life full of precious values, in Senior Apartments no one needs to resign from privacy, independence feel, own habits and joyful issues. At the same time everyone may receive help and support from our personnel.

To all our residents we offer care in a range of periodical control of health parameters (blood pressure, level of sugar, weight, hydration) and monitoring of medication in-take. Our personnel assists during the visits at health facilities, coordinates doctors’ appointments for check-ups, keeps an eye on filling the prescriptions and , when it is needed, takes care of their re-issuing.

Nurse and care-givers

Our nurse is available for the residents every day (from Monday to Friday). On daily duty she visits all residents , talks about their health and health care prevention, monitors availability of medication. Moreover the nurse coordinates all doctor’s appointments, both scheduled in “Senior Apartments” estate or in health facilities where she/he may assist, if needed. If it is prescribed by a doctor she/he performs simple medical procedures such as: injections or dressing change.

The use of the nurse is not obligatory. Each resident may make an appointment on request. So far none of the residents has resigned from this visit yet, as they stress that attendance of the nurse give them comfort and sense of safety. Small talk during the “five o clock tea” is a nice moment of the day.

At the residents’ disposal there are care-givers available day &night (24 hours/a day), who help in everyday activities (i.a. help with bathing, toilet, getting dressed or cooking) and watch over safety/security at night. Our offer contains a wide range of additional care services.


To all our residents we provide complex help in medical care scheduling- from setting doctors’ appointments, prolonging prescriptions to ordering hygienic materials, writing referrals and finally- purchasing in a drugstore.

For our residents we make appointments with a family doctor in the closest health care facility thus the medical care is covered by NFZ.


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