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Physiotherapy in Poland

Senior Apartments is the first senior housing estate in Poland based on the best American and European standards offering comprehensive rehabilitation programs and assisted living services. Thanks to the combination of innovative infrastructure and a wide range of services available on the spot (i.e. care&medical services, rehabilitation, catering, activities) it allows residents to recover quickly, continue their normal life and remain as independent as long as possible.

Polish physiotherapists, like doctors, are known all over the world as top-class specialists. Thanks to many years of education and experience gained, we can guarantee high effectiveness of the therapeutic process at very competitive prices.

During your stay we will be more than happy to help you explore the city of Warsaw, its culture and traditions, best museums, restaurants and shops.

The First Senior Housing Estate in Poland

Imagine an inviting, cozy estate, comfortable and green. With friendly neighbors and a helpful, discrete support staff anticipating all your needs. This is Senior Apartments, located by the Masovian Landscape Park, only 20 kilometers from the very center of Warsaw.

Our homes are purpose-designed and equipped residences packed with intelligent technical solutions. Unobtrusive telemedicine systems, a quick-call emergency suite, or live monitoring are just some of the components of the resident safety solution.

The surrounding area is full of vegetation and is well lit at night, with several resting spots, arbors, benches, a fountain, and a charming community garden.

Our residents are part of an inspiring and motivating community, living in a safe and comfortable environment. This is the place to thrive after retirement!


Adapted to You

The homes were designed and built to make the lives of physically disabled residents easier – there are no architectural barriers, thresholds, stairs, or unstable surfaces. Every interior aspect has been carefully modeled to suit seniors, people who have memory disabilities, use wheelchairs, or need walking sticks or crutches.

Electric motorized beds make it easy to get up and change position, to comfortably watch TV or read a book. Nightlamps automatically light the way to the bedroom and bathroom. The multimedia system serves as both entertainment and a way to contact friends and family.

Available home variants

Double-occupancy apartment

An excellent solution for couples and friends. Two separate bedrooms allow maximum comfort and privacy, particularly important when the residents are in different health conditions.

Take a virtual tour!

Take a virtual walk through the alleys of our housing estate. Imagine a rest surrounded by trees and greenery. Convince yourself how spacious and comfortable our apartments are. Enjoy a virtual walk around the Senior Apartments – for a good start!

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