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Our offer

We specialize in long-term elderly care and rehabilitation stays . Our offer include professional care&medical services, physiotherapy, catering, housekeeping, transportation, recreation activities and more!

Our physiotherapists will create an individual rehabilitation program for you, which can also be enriched with physical therapy elements. Individual approach and combination of various methods will help you to get the best results of treatment in the shortest possible time.

We offer short&long term rehabilitation:

  • after orthopedic injuries

  • after strokes

  • in osteoarthritis

  • in back pain and pain of various origins

  • in diseases of the nervous system (neurological)

During the rehabilitation stay, we can also provide nursing & caregivers care. We provide tasty and healthy meals of Polish cuisine with the possibility of adapting the diet to your health or individual preferences. In the breaks between physiotherapy treatments, you can visit Warsaw with our help, see the best museums, restaurants and shops.

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