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It is well known that seniors living alone eat unhealthily. The reason are not bad habits only, but just poor vitality to cook every day and go shopping.

On Senior Apartments housing estate you do not worry about it. Every day we deliver healthy, well-balanced meals which may be adjusted to the diet (e.g. diabetic diet, easily digest diet, lactose free meals), we help with shopping that you never run out of any favourite food in a fridge.


On opposed to the nursing homes, our residents feel at home, so they eat and drink what they like. If they fancy a glass of wine, prosecco or liqueur – just cheers! Particularly when they party together, what happens often. We do not criticize smoking- at the end everyone is here at home!

Maria: For many years I have not had energy to organize my name day at my place. For my daughter it was not a problem to make a great party at her house. But it is not the same! Now, I am again a hostess of my parties! It is just wonderful!


Our concierge is a specialist in organizing parties, banquets and family receptions.

Concierge- your private assistant

A concierge is a person for everyday tasks and the special ones. It is a private assistant with a wide range of skills, who gives advice and help almost in each situation.

Private assistant

You do not fancy dealing with boring formalities and tiring clerical affairs? It cannot be easier than now- our concierge will do it for you! He will help with formalities connected with your previous/ own flat, its rental , he will remind you about your bills and help to pay, he will plan and organize shopping, take care of your correspondence and will advise in family affairs. A private assistant will remind you about important celebrations, organize a party for neighbours or a meeting with friends and family. He will guard your safety thanks to you will avoid unfair contacts, fake correspondence and cheats “I’m your grandson”.

A concierge takes care of social life on the estate the way no one could feel lonely. He prepares for the residents , adjusted to their preferences, a plan of activities, he organizes trips, going to the cinema and the theatre.

Services of concierge are not only for the residents. It is an important bond between a family and a resident. For each family a concierge is a source of the most important information about needs and state of being of loved ones.

You are retired-maintenance of your flat leave in our hands!

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