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Rehabilitation should be an obligatory point of each day of senior’s life. Even simple, few-minute lasting, but regular exercise makes physical health better. Rehabilitation has preventive meaning/importance- it boosts blood circulation and locomotor system and decreases possibility of falls or injury and revitalizes declining regenerative capacity and recovery process

From the very first day

The residents of Senior Apartments do not need to queue. We have our own team of experienced physiotherapist who are available directly at the estate. No queues , no waiting, no travelling. We specialize in rehabilitation after orthopaedic injuries and strokes, nervous system disorders (neurological), in spinal pains, persons after surgical procedures and physiotherapy.

Individual programmes & approach

All existing ailments may require implementation of individual rehabilitative programme, including elements of physiotherapy (i.g. laser). All physiotherapists, who cooperate with us, are experienced in working with seniors, persons after strokes, hip surgeries, with OA (osteoarthritis) or degenerative spinal disease.

Physiotherapy is performed with the use of mobile tools and devices. We perform healing and relaxing massages. All treatments in one place, in amicable atmosphere , with no queuing nor confusion.

Offer of rehabilitation programme

Team of experienced physiotherapists in Senior Apartments is at Your disposal.

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We exercise and play together

It is cool to exercise together!

In a rehabilitation process the key point is socializing. Loneliness and lack of interest from the other people’s side leads to isolation feel and solitude. It is the easiest way to depression, withdrawal from the active life resulting in becoming a handicapped person requiring permanent help.

This horrifying screenplay is easy to be counteracted. That is why we initiate/boot up exercises in smaller and bigger groups taking under consideration capacity of each individual and his/her social and sports preferences.

We organize comprehensive exercises, tai chi sessions, walks, Nordic walking, sessions at the nearby swimming pool and much more including i. a.: laughing therapy or karaoke, which are great for celebrating birthdays and name days. One of our residents said with delight that it is great to forget about boredom and socialize again.

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